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About The Starfish Project

The starfish project is a website that was hit with a double whammy. First the Helpful Content Update from Google knocked the site down significantly by taking away about 75% of the traffic. The site stayed on course for a bit but then the March spam update dealt the finishing blow and took away all traffic.

As of April 1, 2024 Google Search Console did not list any impressions for the site, let alone any clicks. I think the site was completely done for so I decided to try and bring it back from the dead and see what changes I could make to increase traffic.

Back in it’s prime the website had about 100 articles which were mostly AI written or outsourced with little moderation. The goal is to make sure that any content that remains on the site is more ‘helpful’ as Google would put it.

So we axed about 30% of the content and removed it completely. The rest of the content was put into drafts and as they were updated were readded to the site.

It’s important to also list that the site did not receive a manual penalty. Not according to Google Search Console anyway. The impressions for the site simply went away which leads me to believe that there is a penalty assessed, but it’s simply an algorithmic one.


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