Day 5 – The Art of Comparisons


I was asked by a friend why check the AI content if it doesn’t matter. I know that Google has said that they don’t care if content is AI or not but looking at some of the keywords for this site it’s seems to have an effect on rankings. Here is the search results for one of the articles I’m working on today when I put in the keyword in Ahrefs.

Couple of things to notice on this result. The first is there is basically only 6 spots to rank within the top 10 which seems to get lower and lower each year. But let’s put that rant aside for a moment. All of the results that are shown are a minimum of 50% original according to .

Another thing that really pops out at me is the fact that the number 4 and number 7 site is a DR 1. So, this keyword should be very easy to rank for.

Another few notes on the word counts. Site 3 word count is skewed as it has a plethora of comments on that post. The actual content was about 1,000 words. ~30 comments or so and they are mainly your run of the mill spam comments. Something like: “Awesome site, I’ll be sure to bookmark it. ~Jims Home Improvement” which also contains a link back to Ole Jim’s site with his keyword.

Site 9 doesn’t have a word count listed but it was ~850 words


The site has received any traffic this month other than a wayward internet rambler here and there. Nothing of any significance.

Google Search Console

There hasn’t been any movement in GSC over the past few days. The site still doesn’t get any impressions as per GSC. Although there are a few wayward clicks to the site from social and direct. Here is the GSC screenshot:

This is a screenshot of the Google Search Console showing that only 4 impressions were registered.
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