Site Updates Done

I have updated some posts on the site. This included updating much of the content to have a bit more personality. Now at 32 posts updated.

I also removed any stock images from those posts. Along with that I updated the alt text of the images to see if maybe the problem was caused by over-optimization of the images. Some of the images that were created to post in the articles did have stock photos but they were less than 25% of the total image.

The site is now up to 32 posts. Each posts is at least checked to be 50% human written according to Originality AI . It’s also worth noting that I’m using the Standard 2.0 Model rather than the Turbo 3.0.

I don’t check for plagiarism or readability with the articles either. The average length of the articles are about 1000 words total.

Social Media

I use a program to schedule out the social media posts for the site. I create 20 posts for Facebook, 20 posts for Twitter, and 10 posts for Pinterest. Although for the 32 posts that are now on the site I only did Facebook and Twitter. I didn’t make new images for Pinterest because I wanted to make sure to get back to 100 articles before the end of the month.

Once I create a post I make the 20 social media posts and drip feed those posts over time to the social media accounts. I will later add an author account to promote the articles on as well but I haven’t implemented that yet.

So, in total there are 32×20 Tweets, and 32×20 Facebook posts which leads to a grand total of 1,280 social media posts for these articles. It may take months before all of these posts go out but they will eventually go out. And with the Facebook posts, they will start to post again once they do run out on MeetEdgar effectively recycling the post. They only allow a tweet to go once so each one has to be created.

I use ChatGPT to create the social posts mainly with Jasper used sometimes as well. MeetEdgar does have an AI content assistant but I haven’t really used it that much plus, I think it’s on a credit based system so creating that many posts for one site can really eat into those credits.


Screenshot of the Google Adsense earnings from April 1st through April 4th.


The site has received any traffic this month.

Google Search Console

Not much is happening on the GSC. As you already know the site gets 0 impressions. Here is the graph from Apr 1 through Apr 4:

The screenshot of Google Search Console for Day 4 of the HCU Recovery case study.

I think the impressions it did get were just me running a site: search to check if the pages were indexed or not. So basically right now we’re sitting at zero traffic from Google search for this site.

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