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Another site update for what seems like is a lost cause at the moment. Right now, I’ve set the site setup to about 90% complete. The reason I don’t set it at 100% is because we’re always updating parts of the site. These updates maybe adding informational pages such as news or date specific things. So while the site is basically setup completely I simply don’t mark it as 100% because of this.

So, it’s been much of the same for the site since the last update. We did make some changes to the display ads which are shown on the website. Other than that, it’s just been working on the drafts of the site to make them more ‘helpful’ in Google’s eyes.

We try to make the content more helpful by first making sure that it passes an Originality AI check. When we’ve checked the search results for the keywords on the website we noticed that most of the results pass this check with at least 50% original. So we make sure our content also does that.

Click here to check out the Day 5 post where we go over this process.

We also are staying the course on images and not optimizing them as much as we once did. Most images with text do not contain description or alt tags or if they do they typically don’t contain the keyword. The featured image does contain the title of the post but not in the description of the image.

Other than the constant updates to posts, we’re making simple tweaks to the site, such as making sure affiliate discosures are added to the top of the page and all affiliate links are marked as nofollow and sponsored. We even do this for images added by the Amazon API for products.


Screenshot from Google Adsense for Estimated Earnings for April 1 thru 13.


Traffic is basically non-existent at this point. I use Lara’s Google Analytics dashboard on the website which gives me a quick overlook for the previous 30 days. The trickle of traffic that is coming in is not from search traffic. It’s social and direct and less than 10 visits per day anyway. Here’s the screenshot for those 30 days:

Analytics for the last 30 days for the starfish site.

Google Search Console

Not much change on the impressions on the site on Google Search Console. Still not getting any impressions and I think the only registered impressions are from myself searching for index status of pages or posts. Keep in mind also that the GSC usually runs a few days behind so even though it looks a bit up for yesterday it may change over the next few days. But, ya know, hope right?

Screenshot of Google Search Console Apr 1 thru 12.
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