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How We’re Treating Images on Starfish

Back in the day when you put your keyword everywhere you could in order for your page to rank is over. I think there is more harm done than good when you even attempt to optimize an image. Even if you’re using LSI keywords.

So, what should you do to optimize images?

The first thing we did with the posts on this site was go and remove all the images that were stock images. After looking at some of the search results we found that not many contained original images. Not to say the images were better, but they were more original.

The way we tested this was by simply going to the website that is ranking and right click on the image and do an image search. If you see loads of other sites using this image, it’s likely not a good idea to use it.

SEO People Say Alts Must Be Used

You’re right, lots of people do say that. In fact, in most web audit tools, that’s one of the first things you’ll see that’s wrong with a site.

Here’s a screenshot from the RankMath recomendations on this very page. As you can see it states to add an image with the focus keyword.

Even SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and RankMath, which we use, say that you shouldn’t leave an alt tag empty. But that’s not what W3C says…

In fact, for the most part, lots of images can have no alt tag. Here’s their take on it: An alt Decision Tree.

So many of our images had text on the image and was styled so since that was the case for us, we removed a lot of the alt tags. For other images we used more descriptive text on the alt which included full phrases without a text limit.

For this image we would use something like: A juvenile fox jumps into the air as it spys a rodent in a tall grassy field.

A juvenile fox jumps into the air as it spys a rodent in a tall grassy field.

We also don’t typically use captions on images and the title is typically set to a more descriptive text as well.

Using Webp Images

Another image change we are now using on the site is that all images are .webp images. Which most of them were to be honest. Only some of the earlier posts used jpg. You can convert images to .webp using this tool: https://www.imgboost.com/


The screenshot from April 1st to April 11th on Google Adsense.


Right now there is little traffic going to the website. I do have GA-4 analytics installed but there isn’t much traffic to show. I use a plugin to show the traffic graph on the WordPress dashboard. Here is the past 30 days or so:

In this screenshot there is a graph of the traffic the starfish site has seen in the last month.

Google Search Console

I know the traffic is important for the website but I also realize it won’t get traffic unless I can get the impressions to go back up in Google. This the the GSC for this month so far:

This is the screenshot for Google Search Console from April 1st to April 11th for the Starfish site.
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