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We have a specific way we address a website during an overhaul or when creating a new website. And the biggest is how the theme and plugins are setup. Since this site was already setup and working we did a quick run-through of each plugin and theme setting to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

In the video above we go over each plugin and theme that is installed and we’ll list them below with a little more detail. Note that we did remove a few of the plugins that were mentioned in the video.

Installed Themes

We use the Astra theme on the site. It’s well documented, updated when needed and it’s one of the more popular themes. It looks great on mobile as well. We do have a few WordPress default themes still installed on the website simply to have a backup in case the main theme goes down for whatever reason.

Installed Plugins

  • Contact Form 7: This is the contact form that is used on the site.
  • Copy & Delete Posts: We use this plugin to quickly copy a post. Typically we keep a draft post that contains the default post setup which includes FAQs, Table of Content, Image placeholders, etc. This plugin allows us to quickly duplicate those posts.
  • Hide Page and Post Title: This plugin was used to hide the H1 on the site. We have removed this plugin from the site. It was no longer needed.
  • HoneyPot for Contact Form 7: An added layer of spam prevention for the contact form.
  • Internal Links Manager: This plugin is used to auto-insert internal links. Simply add your keywords and the url and it will auto insert links into the post. It’s useful but does add an id tag to the link which we want to take a closer look at later when the posts on the site are built back up.
  • JSM’s Force HTTP to HTTPS: This plugin was used to force users who type in http:// instead of https:// to be forwarded to the https site. We have removed this plugin and made the htaccess file updates to take care of it.
  • Lara’s Google Analytics (GA4): This is a plugin that is connected to a GA4 account which displays on the wordpress dashboard. It can give you a quick overview of traffic for the website without needing to visit GA4.
  • LiteSpeed Cache: Web caching plugin to increase speed on the site.
  • Markup (JSON-LD) Structured in Used to help add schema markup to some areas of the site.
  • Pretty Links: We use pretty links to create affiliate links. One huge benefit of having pretty links instead of directly linking is when you link to an affiliate product from several pages. Having a pretty link allows you to update it across the site quickly.
  • RankMath SEO: We use RankMath over Yoast SEO but either will work. We don’t use the RankMath recomendations at all. We do use the title/slug/description/social image for post details.
  • SOGO Add Script Header Footer: Used to add custom code to header and footer sections.
  • Solid Security Basic: A good all around security plugin we use.
  • Spectra: Has multiple blocks that can be used to create more visually appealling content.
  • Starbox: Author box plugin that we have recently installed.
  • Turn RankMath FAQ block to accordion: This plugin was removed. No longer used.
  • UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore: We use this plugin to create on site and off site backups of the site. These backups can be done directly from the WordPress dashboard so it’s quick and easy.
  • WPAutoTerms: To create privacy pages and terms of use pages
  • WP Code Lite: Used to add header and footer scripts and tags.



The site has received any traffic this month.

Google Search Console

The site is still missing from any type of search engine ranking results. Here is the week leading up to today:

This image displays the Google Search Console statistics for Day 1.
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